21 February 2021

I posted a bitcoin wallet on my blog and this is what happened

Three years ago I thought it’d be fun experiment to post a bitcoin (and ethereum) wallet on my blog. I wasn’t showing ads, why not offer a way to let a happy reader offer up a thanks over the blockchain?

A little bit of mucking around in Sketch and some usage of images I had created in my low res paint app and I had a banner ready to go!

mrcoles.com crypto wallets banner

A pretty simple tweak to the code, a site update, and we were live! I even added it to my LinkedIn banner too.

git commit adding crypto banner to the blog

The years passed by with 30k or so page views a month, which then begs the question—how did we do!

The answer is 0 BTC and 0 ETH.

That is until I jokingly brought it up to some friends this January and then one of them sent me 0.00003087 BTC (the equivalent of $1 at the time), which had a transaction fee of 0.00013818 BTC (the equivalent of $4.48 at the time). Turns out my set-it-and-forget-it shoot-from-the-hip idea wasn’t so successful and that bitcoin was already a bad platform for micro-transactions well before I posted my crypto banner.

Maybe I should have gone with a low on transaction fees, high on memes platform like dogecoin from the start:

doge coin wallet address

Maybe this one should be shipped off to my failed projects list.

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