14 February 2021

Making my own iced tea

I’ve been enjoying making my own iced tea lately. Despite it being a summery drink and my current locale being snow, it’s still a nice refreshing drink with a mild touch of caffeine. I must have spent hundreds of dollars on all the iced tea I’ve bought at cafes in the past, but it’s super cheap and easy to make at home.

I just mix 6 tbsp of loose leaf tea with 8 cups of water.

iced tea prep

Leave it in the fridge for 24–36 hours.

Then transfer it to another container using a strainer to remove the leaves. Usually, this comes out a bit strong and I’ll just pour some more water into the final container to level it out a bit.

drain tea and pour

I’ll then have ready-to-go iced tea in my fridge that can last me for several days!

And what’s a recipe without a tenuously related personal story… speaking of a snowy locale, Happy Valentine’s Day to Claire who is seen here sledding for her first time. Thank you for saying yes when I first asked you out on a Valentine’s Day 4 years ago. Thank you for being so thoughtful, loving, playful, supportive, and emotionally present! I look forward to more adventures and us helping each other grow!

claire sled

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