Dragon Drop!


Drag and drop the dragons onto the village!

  •   *User Contributed*

In order to play Dragon Drop, your browser must support the HTML5 canvas element

As people have become accustomed to Web browsers and—more recently—touchable devices, knowledge of drag-and-drop functionality has plummeted. DragonDrop hopes to solve this problem by teaching this fundamental skill while allowing users to terrorize a small village!

All of the dragons were drawn using low res paint. If you would like to contribute your own dragon to this app, please draw one, save it using the “generate thumb” option, and then email it to peter-at-mrcoles-dot-com. Also, there’s a simpler drag and drop demo on html5demos.

You can read more about Dragon Drop at this blog post.

Update: we have some user contributed dragons:

  • The light-blue, horse-like dragon is by Cox Dieben
  • The spitting squid is by Davíð
  • The horned, blue dragon is by Nik
  • The Milewise dragon is by Vinay (I’m still looking for a kickback for running the endorsement…)
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