About me

Peter Coles

My name is Peter Coles, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from MIT in 2007, and moved to NYC to work at a machine-learning, consumer-facing startup called Hunch. In November 2011 Hunch was acquired by eBay, and we opened up their New York office where I was the dev manager of the homepage team, overseeing a large reimagining of the homepage experience and expansion to international domains. I then joined the wearable jewelry startup, Ringly, to launch the initial pre-order campaign and then to run the software team. After Ringly, I spent some time coding, hacking, and becoming part of the wonderful Recurse Center community. Now I am working on something new related to a Chrome extension that I originally built some years ago.

This blog covers mostly technical topics related to front-end web development—some as tutorials and some as random or goofy side projects—and it has a spattering of other material too.