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The Original Facebook Graph Api Explorer*

What is it

The Facebook Graph API Explorer is a simple Facebook app that lets you browse through the JSON data returned by Facebook Graph API requests. Not only can you see the raw data, but you can also navigate through it by clicking on the » symbols next to ids or by following urls that link to… (which are provided by the introspection feature and pagination links).

Furthermore, you can view and/or authorize any of the Facebook extended permissions for this app. This can be useful if you try to view a particular path and get an error or an empty list of results, e.g., to view your photos, you need to allow `user_photo_video_tags` (btw, there’s an extra feature related to hovering over image urls). You can do additional permissions management on the Facebook Application Settings page.

Who is it for

This tool is primarily for Facebook App developers to who want to see the actual data that gets returned by API calls. It goes a step further by letting you explore the different types of data that are available and giving you the option to toggle permissions that might be required to view the data.

If you’re trying to see what is publicly shared about someone via the API, then—while logged out—you can enter a user id or alias into the “Custom API Path” box and hit enter. Depending on your relationship to that person, you may see more data when you’re Facebook connected to this app.

Please leave any questions, complaints, praise, or indifference in the comments on the Facebook Graph API Explorer blog post.

*a very similar tool (with the same exact name) was released on the facebook developers page after this one was built, so I have rebranded mine as “The Original Facebook Graph API Explorer” and I threw the code up on github

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