08 August 2012

Failed Projects

Here’s a small handful of failed projects in no particular order and varying levels of effort. I think they’re all a bit fun:

Guy Guy
A very simple game that sort of has a physics engine and ended up being the inspiration for my HTML5 piano.

Bonobos Bonobos
A year or two ago I was flooded with facebook ads for bonobos pants.

Squatter Site Squatter Site
I got really tired of squatters owning everything I could think of… except this domain. (Expired, double failed!)

Complain with Yourself Complain With Yourself - (URL is dead http://complainwithyourself.appspot.com/)
People complain too much on social networks, why not just complain with yourself? This would let you connect via Facebook, and then anything you posted would get fake responses from your real friends all in the safe environment of a single player social network.

Star animate Star Animate
The victory credits for answering all of the Teach Hunch About You questions on Hunch. A combination of SVG and canvas techniques.

Yule Yule log
Something to set the mood for the holidays, alternating background and video on loop. Combine with a projector and bottle of baileys for maximum results.

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