13 February 2010

Result Badge: Hunch Widget

At the end of January we released a new Hunch widget—the Result Badge. It allows you to showcase a result from any topic on your site with reviews by hunch users and some information on the popularity of the result. It can be used to show off some info about your own blog or to add some more content to a product page (or any page that needs some more content and is also a result on Hunch).

For example, here are some badges for some different bourbon drinks.

UPDATE: this widget no longer exists!

On the technical side: you include a script on your page where you want the widget to show up. You can add multiple widgets to any page without any problems, and the script only needs to be downloaded once, which is nice for page loads. Also, it renders on the page as a div, instead of an iframe, which means that it can fit into any width container (or you can specify the width) and have a varying height instead of scrollbars—this is especially good for placing it in a page’s sidebar.

More Hunch widgets:

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1. Daisylover2010 wrote:

This is cool. Great job!

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