27 August 2009

Youtube “Jump to Time” + Rainbow Brite

Youtube has a great feature that allows you to share links that start at a specific time segment into a video. Just add something like “#t=1m23s” to the end of a youtube url and it will start—in this case—at the 1 minute and 23 second mark. This can be used to jump to a funny point in a video—like a guy saying he saw a leprechaun—or just to bypass the beginning of a clip that should have been edited. More useful cases may include starting at a specific part of a talk or creating a restart point in a complicated how-to video (just refresh to jump back to that point).

Yes, this is SO October of 2008, why did I bother to post it… and why did I mention Rainbow Brite? Well, if you’ve never seen Rainbow Brite or need to be reminded how ridiculous it was, here’s an example of a youtube “jump to time” link in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfjgH8LZCPE#t=9m44s. Do you have any good funny examples?

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