25 November 2012

The MrColes shop is open for business!

UPDATE August 2015: printfection has discontinued their t-shirt fulfillment business, if you are interested in a “MrColes” original, then contact shop - at - mrcoles - dot - com.

i recurse ny shirt

The MrColes shop, featuring all original designs, including the wildly popular “I ny ny” recursive t-shirt, is now open for business! Place your orders!

Also, for today and cyber Monday (Nov. 25–26, 2012) you will get free shipping on any order of $30 or more! Just include the coupon 2012SuperFree at checkout.

For those who are looking for more details:

  • the brands of shirts are clearly labeled, currently all American Apparel t-shirts
  • the printing, payments, and shipping are all done by Printfection, which is secure and accepts all major credit cards
  • the prints come out well and wash well—they have a bit of “new print smell” when they first arrive, but that’s gone after the first wash
  • I think shipping and handling is generally $6 (put in by Printfection, not me), unless there’s deal running—like for cyber Monday
  • printing white text is more expensive, that’s why the impact shirt is more pricy

Check out this picture of cool Harold—creator of extendny—wearing one of my t’s:

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