18 April 2012

Kraftwerk - The Mix | Moma, Night 7 | Monday 04/14/12

I was supremely fortunate this week, because I got to see Kraftwerk’s 7th performance in their 8 night retrospective at the MoMA. This show covered their 1991 remix album “The Mix.” The sound was excellent, just at the right levels, and behind the “operators” was a massive screen showing 3D visualizations in time with the music. The above pictures don’t give due justice to the experience, but I was able to snap some quick photos from my phone during the show (I had my flash turned off and my screen brightness all the way down, sorry gothamist, your princess is in another castle). Enjoy!

Setlist (via)

  1. The Robots
  2. Computer Love
  3. Pocket Calculator
  4. Taschenrechner
  5. Autobahn
  6. Radioactivity
  7. Trans-Europe Express
  8. The Man-Machine
  9. Spacelab
  10. Neon Lights
  11. Numbers
  12. Computer World
  13. Home Computer
  14. Tour De France 1983 / Tour De France 2003
  15. Expo 2000
  16. Planet Of Visions
  17. Boing Boom Tschak / Techno Pop / Musique Non Stop

As you can see it didn’t follow the album exactly, but that was fine with me!

Also, I added some HTML5 canvas pixelation stuff above and the slide show viewer just because.

We are the robots…

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